About QJ

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had two passions in my life: story-telling and creating. I can’t tell you how many different novels I “worked” on as a child, or how many different multi-media projects I crafted in high school.

After years of creating and experimenting, I believe I can safely say that I’ve settled into the role I was meant to play in this world, even if that role is wide and varied.

So what am I so excited about that I can’t help but share with the world week after week?

My current projects include two different YouTube channels. One is HowToFixCinema, where I discuss the steps I would take to make popular films just a little bit better. The other is Curated Awesome, where I broadcast my passion for the world of collectibles, especially FiGPiNs.

I also have an ongoing podcast, Write A Novel: Making Your Authorship Dreams Come True, in which I help aspiring authors learn how to hone their crafts and turn their aspirations into reality.

And finally, there is my fiction. I’m working on so many novels, it would be hard to list them all! But my current priority is the ongoing Chronicles of the Infected series. Of course, epic space adventures and fantasy romps are coming soon.

So pull up a chair. Take a look around. Hopefully, within my passions, you’ll find something fun and exciting to enjoy!

Podcaster, YouTuber, Writer, and Novelist