One Quick Lesson – Don’t Infodump

Spider-Man: Far From Home was an amazing addition to the MCU, as well as an outstanding entry in the growing collection of Spider-Man adaptations. Yet, there is one small problem that sticks out like a sore thumb in this otherwise successful superhero film.

And that is the Mysterio info dump at the bar.

In the scene, Peter gives Beck the control of Tony Stark’s glasses, Peter leaves, then Beck reveals to the audience that he’s been playing Peter the entire time.

Beck procedes to give a toast where he tells every single individual on his crew what their name and relationship with the plot are.

It’s as clunky as it sounds, and the writers should have known better.

If there’s any one quick lesson that this scene gives us, it’s that you need to respect the audience to put the pieces together for themselves.

All we needed from that scene was the reveal that Beck had an ulterior motive in convincing Peter that he was worthy of wearing the glasses. Peter leaves, Beck reveals his deceit, and says to his team, “We got them!” and the scene ends.

That’s it.

Then later, as we see Beck working with his full team, he reveals their positions. “Hey, minor character! You worked with Obadiah Stane on Arc Reactor technology, but you want me to believe you can’t figure this problem out?” or, “Come on! The presentation needs to be flawless. Where’s that dedication all of you had when it was Tony Stark’s presentation we were creating?”

And as Beck fights Spider-Man in the final battle, we learn more about his motives. He tells Spider-Man that Tony Stark never knew the potential of what he had, nicknaming his revolutionary invention BARF and using it for the therapy session, when it could have been used to change the world. And then he connects it back to what Tony Stark chose to do with the glasses.

In that way, we have exposition that flows naturally, and that the audience gets to put together themselves. It’s so important to let the audience feel like they’re smart when they remember things and connect dots.

Are there any lessons you learned from Spider-Man: Far From Home? If so, let me know in the comments below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my blog if you liked this video, check out my website,, my Twitter, @QJMartin_Author, and email me at the address Thanks for watching.

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