One Quick Lesson – Catching Feels

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is, dare I say, the single greatest film adaptation in the YA dystopian genre. And upon re-watch, one scene stood out as a perfect example of Katniss Everdeen’s character development.

Haymitch is describing the tributes that they will have to face in the Quarter Quell, and he speaks of Finnick, saying that the female volunteer, Mags, practically raised him, and is his weakness.

Then Katniss says:

A guy like that has to know she’s not gonna make it. I bet when it really comes down to it, he won’t protect her.

Katniss Everdeen in regards to Mags and Finnick

And to that, Haymitch replies:

Well, Katniss, I just hope when she goes, she goes quickly. She’s actually a wonderful lady.

Haymitch in regards to Mags

So what a great scene. In this one scene, we get a perspective on Katniss’ character development through two whole movies. In the first movie, she had to learn to become a survivor in the face of the capital. And then when this movie starts out, she is exactly what they want her to be. She’s seeing the games exactly how they want her to see them, as a killer, and in this one little moment, she realizes the cancer-like influence that the capital has had on her, and it sets her on the path of becoming not just a survivor, but a hero.

What makes this scene even better is the very next interaction we see between Katniss and Mags, the care she shows for the lady, and the concern she has at her death.

I don’t know about Catching Fire, but I know that I’m… catching feels.

I’m sorry. That’s a terrible joke.

What scenes stood out to you in the Jennifer Lawrence sequel to Hunger Games? What was your favorite moment of character development? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my blog if you liked this video, check out my website,, my Twitter, @QJMartin_Author, and email me at the address Thanks for watching.

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