One Quick Lesson – Silly Bazam!

Shazam is without a doubt a fun and enjoyable entry in the DCEU. It shines even brighter when compared with the dark, bleak entries in this series of movies, such as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman.

Yet, in this movie, probably one of the biggest flaws is actually with the main character himself. Billy Batson is a serious young man who has dealt with feelings of abandonment and the struggle to belong.

Yet when he transforms into Shazam, he is hardly recognizable as the same human being. Now we’re not talking about his physical stature, but rather his goofy, playful attitude. He does things that Billy Batson, as a kid, would look down on as ridiculous and stupid, things like dancing and cracking jokes.

The thing is, the movie got Shazam right. He’s perfect. But he’s supposed to be an immature, childish hero because Billy Batson is immature and childish boy.

If there’s any one quick lesson that we can learn from Shazam!, it’s that when you have two actors playing the same character, such as in a body-swapping film, or a film with the actor at different ages, it’s extremely important not to let them diverge into different characters. It’s far too easy to see them as distinct characters because, in reality, they are distinct people, but the writers and directors need to work hard to keep their character traits and development consistent across actors.

That was just one quick lesson I found in an otherwise fairly enjoyable and fun movie. Did any lessons stick out to you? Let me know in the comments below. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or follow my blog if you liked this video, check out my website,, my Twitter, @QJMartin_Author, and email me at the address Thanks for watching.

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