Writing Definitions

This article was originally published in The Writer’s Everything, Issue #004.

Like any career or hobby, there’s a whole world built around writing that you may just be beginning to scratch the surface of. And let’s face it, we’re not born knowing how to respond if someone on Twitter asks if the MC in your WIP finds the McGuffin, or if it was just a red herring all along. 

Well that’s what the Writing Definitions guide is going to be for. Rather than spending countless hours trying to develop a feel for what  all these various terms mean, a few specific terms will be defined with each issue of The Writer’s Everything.

They will be divided into eight different categories, Character, Plot, Structure, Genre, Narrator, Story Development, Writer, and Business-related terms. I hope that as this magazine continues, these terms can come to be so familiar to you that they become second-nature.


Writers that have their works published for sale generally earn a percentage of the money that each copy earns, although at times, magazines and other publishers may pay outright for the story, so as not to owe royalties to the author.


A story that focuses on the mental and emotional growth of a character as they transition from youth into adulthood. The character may have a great influence on the world around them (The Hunger Games) or they may not (Lady Bird).


The process of taking the works of another author and attempting to pass them off as your own.


Distributing literature so that others may read it. This includes traditional book publishing, self-publishing, and publishing on blogs and websites such as Wattpad.


The method of creating a distinct and clear mental image through the use of the written word.


Characterized by constant change, activity, or progress. Dynamic characters are transformed by the story.

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