Writing Concepts

This article was originally published in The Writer’s Everything, Issue #005.

The Purpose Of Writing Concepts

Every week, published in my writing magazine, The Writer’s Everything, Writing Concepts will discuss a major piece of knowledge that authors would do well to be aware of.

This week, the topic of Writing Concepts is “Antagonist.”


The opposing force that stands in opposition to the protagonist, or the major characters of an ensemble story, bringing conflict to the story.

An antagonist can be a person. Such a character is generally known as a villain, although that nomenclature generally insinuates that they have ill intentions. An antagonist, however, can have the best of intentions, and may even be doing the right thing, if you take into consideration their circumstances alone, but their actions stand in the way of those that the protagonist needs to take.

Animals and objects can serve the function of antagonists in a story. While it might not always be correct to refer to them as antagonists, they can safely be called antagonistic forces. For example, in Twister and The Perfect Storm, inclement weather serves as the antagonistic force against which the main characters struggle. In Jaws, Sharknado, The Shallows, The Meg, and countless other films, sharks serve as the antagonistic force, and the main characters must fight against their animalistic urges to hunt and kill.

In superhero films, the antagonist is often “defeated” in a climactic battle. In other films, there may simply be a moment where the main character proves the antagonist wrong, or exceeds their expectations.

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